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next steps

Everyone is on a journey in life and in their faith.  We believe that growing people take steps!

Wherever you are on your journey today, we are here to help you find your next step.

You belong here!


Ever wondered what it takes to call yourself a Christian? It’s less complicated than you thought!


The first step in every faith journey is to discover who Jesus is, and what that means for your life today. We provide a safe place for you to learn about the God who created you and the extravagant love He has for you.


We offer classes, or one-on-one mentoring for those who are new to Christianity or looking to discover who God is.  We also provide baptism, the opportunity to publicly declare your faith when you are ready to take that step.


There is always more to experience as a Christian. Growth comes in many ways and planting yourself in a local church is vital to this experience.


At Impact Life Church, there are weekly opportunities for God's Word to impact you. Through our weekend services, connect groups, age-appropriate ministries, and our Bible School, you will learn more about God and what He provides for you.


If you are ready to get involved, there’s no better time than now! When God calls you to a church home, He calls you to the vision as well.


We are all about “Impacting Generations for Jesus”, and the best way to do that is to JOIN AN IMPACT TEAM TODAY!


Are you ready to find your place on a team? Attend “Join the Mission”, this will prepare you to find your place on a team.


Connection isn’t automatic - we must CHOOSE to put the time and effort into connecting with others.


At weekend services, opportunities are provided to develop connections with other believers.


Connect Groups are also a helpful way to meet and relate to other believers. Relationships are waiting for you; you need to take the next step!

Friends don’t let friends do church alone! Invite someone to join you at church this weekend!


We are passionate about TRAINING generations of LEADERS at Impact Life Church.


God calls everyone to lead in some capacity, whether in your household, workplace or a leadership position in a church.


We provide an opportunity for every age group to learn about leadership and how to use those skills to impact others.


To begin your leadership journey with us, join an Impact Team!

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