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Impact Life Church Legacy

"While there are some local churches that will be lost if we don't change, there's more at stake than that. There's a generation that won't know the power of people committed to self-sacrifice and transforming both themselves and the wider community through the Gospel. A generation that may never see the waters part because no one stood at the. edge of the Red Sea and begged God to do something. A generation that will be lost because the previous generation didn't have the courage to break away from the slow death that comes with the embrace of the status quo..."

- Carey Nieuwhof

As most of you know, we have been in the process of purchasing the New Life Fellowship building since they approached us ten months ago.


Our focus is not on a bigger building. Rather, it's on reaching more people for Jesus. 


As a board and as a leadership team- we believe this direction is from the Lord.  


We have been on this journey for almost a year, and have had a lot of time to pray, meet with both parties and as a leadership team- and have determined this is the course of action the Lord wants us to take. 


We also want to highlight again why we are not led to sell our current building in this process. The vision is to use this building as an IMPACT CENTRE- with a variety of programs, events, and opportunities to impact Central Alberta for Jesus. This vision has been in the works for the past seven years, as we have waited on God for each next step.  


The Lord told us to BELIEVE HIM for this building and not pay for it.

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