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Training up pursuers of God’s Heart.


To equip the next generation to carry out God’s purposes in their lives and in the world.


What is The Stand?

The Stand is a 7 month discipleship training program to train up pursuers of God’s Heart. It is designed for you to on-purpose take a year off from your regular schedule and get to know God and your identity in Him on a deeper level.  It’s a year to focus on your relationship with God and fall in love with Him, all over again or for the first time! We believe taking this time to let your roots grow down into God’s marvellous love will be the launching point for the rest of your life!


The Stand incorporates a blend of teaching, application, and discussion time, as well as internships and ministry experience. It’s not about knowledge- it’s about impartation and revelation! This is an opportunity to develop spiritually, to explore the gifts God has placed in you, to have new opportunities and build new relationships.


Taking this time to invest in your walk with God will be life-changing. We are so excited for your journey to begin!

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The Topics and Courses at The Stand are not just for head knowledge, but for a deeper revelation of God’s Word and how to apply it to your lives. 


Students who complete The Stand (courses and internships) will graduate with a Diploma in Christian Living from Impacting Canada Ministries. 




Firm Foundation: Impact U Bible School Courses on foundational bible topics such as New Testament Survey, Faith Life, Prayer and more!


Leadership 101: Learning to lead ourselves and others 


Christian Worldview: Living out God’s kingdom culture in every area of our lives 


Real Life: Developing skills in money management, boundaries and more! 


Understanding You: Identity in Christ; Personal vision; Personality; Your Grace and Place in God’s Purposes


The Stand provides young adults with an opportunity to learn and develop skills in areas they may never have had a chance to before. From event planning to technical aspects of running a church service like media and lighting, to children’s ministry and behind the scenes of everyday church life! 


Our internships also include ministry experience and opportunities to serve in the community to share the love of Jesus with those who haven’t yet heard!


Because The Stand is designed to be relational, we love changing it up and holding courses in different locations, homes, coffee shops, etc.


Sometimes you just need a random dance party or coffee run! Some of the best learning will take place in the in-between moments. Trust us, we like to have fun!


Depending on what this year looks like, The Stand will take a ministry trip either locally to serve other Canadian churches, or a missions trip out of the country, depending on availability.


This aspect will be decided as a group. Fundraising opportunities for any out of country trip will be available.


The Stand runs two days a week with internship time and events on Sundays.  


Potential Schedule:  

  • Morning Group Devotions

  • Classes and Discussion 

  • Internship and Ministry Experience time


The Stand will take place on Wednesday and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

*Note there will be times that students attend events or internships outside of these hours but we will give plenty of notice for scheduling. 


Start Date: September 22, 2021

End Date: April 29, 2022


The cost for the Stand is $800 per student. The cost covers course materials, program fees, as well as an application fee to Impact U, where students will earn a Diploma in Christian Living. 


Tuition payment plans are available!


Andria Gauthier

Before The Stand, I never really knew my purpose in life. My relationship with God was “blah” and had no real purpose. Now, my relationship with Him is exciting and full of promises! I have and know my purpose and I am excited to see what God has in store for me!


Scott Barclay

One of the most impactful things I learned was the value of personal discipline! We were constantly reminded that in order to see lasting change we had to put in effort. The class “Total Life Makeover” showed this to me clearly, teaching us consistency, determination, and self-discipline. For 7 months I was committed to seeing as much change as possible, and reflecting on it now, I see that the growth I’ve had has all been fruit of time and energy that I put into The Stand. I can confidently say that because of The Stand, my life is on the right path and that I have a firm foundation to continue to build on.


Megan Harrison

Before The Stand, one of the main things I was struggling with was hearing from the Holy Spirit. I attempted to make “right” decisions, but I wasn’t really letting God lead me. After all these months of immersive teaching, I not only have more knowledge of the Word, but I’m able to put it into practice! I know that I hear the Holy Spirit and I’m so much more attentive to Him. I am so thankful for the spiritual growth I’ve seen this year. God is so good!


Is the Stand going to be like school?

No. There are many aspects that centre around learning such as classes, but the big difference is our classes are designed for you to gain revelation of the Lord and yourself, not head knowledge. These classes are not set up to be academic, but rather for you to discover God’s Truth. The setup of the class is also informal and offers lots of discussion, digging deep time vs. you sit and only listen.


Are there assignments/homework involved?

Yes, but anything assigned will be project based for your own development. There will be deadlines to keep us on track for our courses, but the number of assignments will be minimal. However, reading (specific bible passages) will be a big part of the Stand.


Do I have to attend everything?

When you sign up for The Stand, you are committing to taking part in every aspect, from course times, group times, and internships. At orientation you will learn more about attendance and expectations.


What internships do you offer?

Throughout The Stand, students will cycle through various areas of ministry, from event planning to tech team, to janitorial and how to preach a sermon. There will be many areas of ministry students get to experience!

Who are the teachers for the class time?

There will be a number of different teachers who come through during the year. All Impact U teachers are ordained ministers throughout Impacting Canada Ministries. Other courses will be covered by Pastors Joel and Jaime, Impact Life Church Staff, local Pastors, and those who specialize in their field.


What do I receive at the end of the Stand?

Of course spiritual growth and personal development cannot be measured, but, students who complete The Stand will earn a Diploma in Christian Living through Impacting Canada Ministries.


Will the classes be live or video?

All courses will be taught by live teachers, except for the Impact U Bible School Courses. These courses were all developed for our online Bible School and will be viewed together as a class, with breaks for discussion.


When is Tuition due and what payment plans do you offer?

Students are required to pay $150 at registration. The next payments are broken down into the following:

  • $250 due before September 22, 2021

  • $250 due before January 1, 2022

  • $150 due before March 1st, 2022


Students can also pay in one lump sum if that is preferred.

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