New Year - New Season

January 2, 2018


2018 is here! A new year! A new season! Just like we see in the natural, there are seasons in the life of the local church as well. It’s important to move in harmony with God’s designated times and seasons. As we enter into this new year, there is a specific reminder and encouragement we feel God has for our church.


At Impact Life Church, this 2018, we are purposely saying, “YES LORD – whatever you would have us do – WE WILL DO IT!”  We are purposing to stay in the 'we can club.'  We have committed ourselves as Pastors, as a leadership team, and as a church, always to be God’s 'yes people.' God has asked Impact Life Church to impact generations for Jesus – not to take care of our preferences or look out for our comfort – but to see the lost get saved, the saved get established, and the established get going!


So, how do we see ourselves doing even more of this as a church in 2018? God reminded us of a word given to the church a few years ago on seasons and transitions. 


We believe there are three things God is asking from us as INDIVIDUALS, AND AS A CHURCH FAMILY in 2018


1. Whatever He says to do, WE WILL DO IT!


There’s a saying that says, “The jumping belongs to us; the going through belongs to God.” Often, we think we know 'how' God’s going to do something, but it’s not wise to live this way. Our job is to HEAR from God, and without question, do what He tells us to do!


In football, the quarterback doesn’t throw the ball to where the receiver is – he throws the ball to where the receiver is GOING. We must choose to obey God regardless of the sense it makes in the natural – knowing He wants us to step out in faith, and THEN see the supernatural provision!


The story of Jesus’ first miracle in John 2 shows the attitude God wants us to have. Mary told the servants, regarding Jesus, “Whatever He says to you – do it.”  Yes, Lord – we will!

2. Remember: God can take what WE have – and BLESS it! 


Everything necessary to fulfil the vision God gave Impact Life Church is PROVIDED by God Himself – all we have to do is set it in motion. God ALWAYS honours faith that says, “Lord, take what we have and set it in motion.” 


The poor widow in 2 Kings 4 was down to her last flask of olive oil; she and her son were on the edge of losing it all. Elisha knew God would take what she DID HAVE – and bless it. In the end, she gathered all the jars she could, and the one tiny flask of oil she had supernaturally multiplied to fill every jar. 


As a church family, we will be good stewards of what God has placed in our hands. We will not devalue what He has given us, or look with envy at one another. We take what we have, offer it to Him, and He WILL bless it SUPERNATURALLY!

3. We will maintain OUR expectation! 


Remember, Noah built a boat on DRY GROUND! We heard from God this past year to EXPAND and EXTEND, and we will continue to do so in 2018 knowing God NEVER DISAPPOINTS! So keep those 'expectors' up Church! God has great things in store for your family, and for our church family this year!


“God has said it and it cannot be otherwise.” 

Happy 2018!















Pastors Joel and Jaime


You belong here!

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New Year - New Season

January 2, 2018

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